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Jenny Alfonso Relova
"Detràs del volante"     Radio Caracol Miami       Ana Vargas, Roly Martin, Somoano
Jenny Alfonso Relova
"Marti Noticias"   Radio Marti, Miami    Karen Caballero  and Marcano
Jenny Alfonso Relova
"El Espejo"     América TeVé       Juan Manuel Cao
Jenny Alfonso Relova
"Show de Fernando Hidalgo"   MEGA TV    Fernando Hidalgo


Jenny Alfonso Relova
by Julio César Soler Barò. 
Miscelàneas de Cuba "La postmodernidad en el arte tropical de una mujer cubana", Sweden.



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05 avril 2009, By Julio César Soler Barò. Miscelàneas de Cuba "La postmodernidad en el arte tropical de una mujer cubana", Sweden.

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February, 16th 2018   By Ana Varagas, Somoano and Roly Martin, Radio Caracol Miami, United States.

February, 9th 2018   By Karen Caballero and Marcano, Radio Marti, Miami, United States.

July the 18th, 2013    By Olga Connor. El Nuevo Herald, Miami, United States.

July the 7th, 2013   By Fernando Hidalgo, MEGA TV, in the "Show de Fernando Hidalgo" , Miami, Florida, United States.

July the 5th, 2013   By Juan Manuel Cao, in "El Espejo"  TELE AMERICA TV, Miami, Florida, United States.

August the 17th​, 2012   By WILLIAM NAVARRETE : Una entrevista en Diario de Cuba a Jenny Alfonso Relova (La Habana, 1976) artista cubana establecida en el pueblo de Sospel, trastierra de la Riviera Francesa.   
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Elena Dopazo Paradela , FOTO3MAGAZINE 2007


      (…) Jenny Alfonso Relova (a cheerful Cuban who changes her name as time goes by, depending on the country, uses, etc. Just ask for Jenny!) is the perfect example of one of those people who has a lot to say.

With a captivating sensuality, a tropical swing from the Caribbean that comes from every painting (in spite of the fact that she’s been living for a long time among cold Frenchmen), her work is full of strength and vitality. To view some of her work is like drinking a cocktail of ginseng, royal jelly and vitamins, as suddenly your feet take you away, you follow the pace, get into the dance, not knowing sometimes if you are next to an artist or a healer!

       Jenny has now been struck by a mood of reconstruction and puzzles. She plays with structures that connect in a different way in every moment, creating unbelievable positions for ballerinas, or goddesses of fertility, seeds of unreal colours (amazing golds and roses that only she can give warmth to) that are so often used in her compositions. Every work speaks for itself, with cuban music, magic and eroticism, allowing us to enjoy its shape through her experience and technique. 


        If you could put aside your reflection, you would let yourself enjoy her canvasses full of unbelievable musical instruments, pianos that become elephants, tubas becoming sea-shells. It is a great joy for the spirit to meet Jenny, as you feel the song coming out of her eyes, she offers you a glass ring she specially made for you in her French studio, and suddenly the minutes become undefined hours, and the hours rhythm, the strength and frailty of her paintings. 


         Then you let your feet follow her and her permanent smile.


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